threat assessment training

The Solution to a More Efficient and Effective Threat Assessment

The Threat Identification and Assessment Course provides law enforcement, fusion center, and homeland security professionals with the tools needed to properly identify, measure, and prioritize their threat groups. Whether it be street gangs, criminal enterprises, or terrorist organizations, this training is designed to make your agency more efficient and effective in addressing your top threats. A police agency or intelligence unit cannot sufficiently affect crime or terrorism if they do not first identify and asses the groups causing the problems. This threat assessment training covers various methodologies, all of which are designed to provide value to both the executive and operational level of an organization.


  • Taught by some of the leading experts in conducting threat assessments.
  • Two days of classroom instruction to include presentations, practical examples, and in-class exercises.
  • Restricted to police, fusion center, and homeland security professionals.
  • Individual registration is based on course availability. See our calendar of upcoming courses for further.
  • Discounts are offered for organizations that host the course at their facility.