Terrorism Propaganda Training

Harnessing the Power of Understanding and Challenging the Terrorist Message

The Terrorism Propaganda and Counter Messaging Seminar provides students with an understanding of terrorist communication and the value of developing a competing message for those who may be vulnerable in your community. The course focuses on terrorists’ use of social media, the impact of online radicalization, and the strategies used to combat the terrorist message. Whether you are a part of a law enforcement agency, a fusion center, or a community organization, it is important you understand what terrorist organizations are saying to inspire violence from within your community and what can be done to protect against these attacks. This seminar helps accomplish this task by offering a deep dive into today’s most prolific messaging campaigns to include those of ISIS, al Qaeda, and the violent portions of the sovereign citizen movement.


  • Taught by some of the top experts currently in the field.
  • One day of classroom instruction.
  • Ideal for police agencies, fusion centers, private security, and community organizations.
  • Individual registration is based on availability. See our calendar of upcoming courses for further.
  • Discounts are offered for organizations that host the seminar at their facility.