HUMINT Training for Law Enforcement

Highly Sought-Out Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Training Specifically Designed for Law Enforcement

The Human Intelligence (HUMINT) for Law Enforcement Course uniquely prepares police agencies and intelligence units to conduct effective, proper, and practical HUMINT operations within the U.S. landscape. The course includes lessons in the source acquisition cycle, motivation and vulnerabilities, recruitment strategies, rapport building techniques, source development, privacy protocols, and report writing.

Typical training courses for highly specialized topics such as HUMINT often lack practical application within law enforcement. The way intelligence agencies or foreign governments operate overseas does not always transcend domestically. Likewise, relying solely on the traditional recruitment of police informants is also an ineffective approach to today’s complex threat environment.

The unique solution offered through this course is a proven hybrid approach that combines the best intelligence practices from both disciplines, while also accounting for the limitations of homeland operations.


The use of information that derives from human sources, often referred to as HUMINT or Source Development, is an age-old practice that has been in existence since Biblical times. HUMINT provides decision-makers with unique insight into the intentions and capabilities of an adversary or competitor. Criminal enterprises and terrorist organizations are generally tightly knit and difficult to penetrate solely with surveillance and undercover operations. By gaining access through an insider, agencies can better expose an adversary’s intentions, capabilities, and vulnerabilities. An effective HUMINT program can also serve as a natural deterrent by forcing adversaries to operate more cautiously.


  • Taught by some of the top HUMINT experts in policing & homeland security.
  • Three days of classroom instruction including presentations, practical and current examples, and in-class role playing.
  • Restricted to police, fusion center, and homeland security professionals.
  • Individual registration is based on course availability. See our calendar of upcoming courses for further.
  • Discounts are offered for organizations that host the course at their facility.