counterterrorism training

The Standard for Counterterrorism Training in Law Enforcement and Homeland Security

The Counterterrorism Training and Certification (CTAC) Course is one of the few in the world that sufficiently prepares law enforcement and fusion center personnel to conduct counter terrorism operations within the U.S. The course provides students with a solid foundation in modern terrorism and the methods used to combat this ever-evolving threat. Based on the most proven practices for investigating terrorism, suspicious activity, and would-be violent extremists, this course equips officers, detectives, analysts, and researchers with the tools they need to excel. The training course is ideal for newly developed counterterrorism units, as well as established units that are looking for a more refined foundation in counterterrorism practices.


  • Taught by some of the top experts currently in the field.
  • Three days of classroom instruction to include presentations, practical examples, and in-class exercises.
  • Includes a professional exam to ensure retention and certification.
  • Restricted to law enforcement and homeland security professionals.
  • Individual registration is based on course availability. See our calendar for further.
  • Discounts are offered for organizations that host the course at their facility.