Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training Designed to Prevent Violence

The Active Shooter Prevention Seminar provides public and private organizations with the most advanced training in identifying and preventing workplace violence. Whether it be a disgruntled former employee, mass attacker, or violent extremist, this training helps organizations prevent violence before it occurs. The key topics include techniques for identifying and assessing potential threats, prevention strategies for curbing would-be actors, and mitigation methods for reducing risk to an organization. Ultimately, one tragedy is too many and whether it be a complex coordinated terrorist attack, a disgruntled employee, or a lone wolf who targets a public gathering, this seminar helps prepare organizations and private security personnel to safeguard their workplace.


  • Ideal for school staff, community organizations, corporations, and private security.
  • One day of classroom instruction, which can further be divided into executive and line-level sessions.
  • Taught by some of the top experts currently in the field.
  • Individual registration is based on availability. See our calendar of upcoming courses for further.
  • Discounts are offered for organizations that host the seminar at their facility.